Pajama Party.

Monday.  This morning Rob and I scurried on over to NYU Clinical Cancer Center, 6th floor.  We had no idea what the day would bring, but we did know where to go.  It started out with blood work, waiting for the results, then some IV hydration, and the plan began to come into focus.  Throughout the afternoon, Rob received fluids and “pre-chemo” types of meds.  Then, by 6:30 this evening, the chemo infusion began.  As was the case during Round One, the chemo will run for 8 days, 24 hours a day.  He left with a “pack” (not exactly a backpack, but more like a camera case with a long strap) containing a pump and the bag full of chemo which infuses through tubing into his medi-port at a specified rate — very interesting that it can be done this way.  And, it’s much better than having to stay in a hospital setting, which inherently makes you feel like you are sick!  Rob went through the day without complaint.  His attitude remains amazingly positive.  We were there from 9:45 am – 7:00 pm.  Tomorrow’s trip over there won’t be so long.

Jim came over to Hope Lodge tonight.  We had pizza together on the 6th floor (the common area).  After he left, I walked into the kitchen on the 8th floor to put the left-over pizza into the refrigerator (Rob’s and my room is on the 8th floor).  There were several women in there, visiting and cooking.  Since I’m not one to shy away from a chat-session, I decided to have a seat and join in.  Turns out that the two ladies from Brazil were making a traditional dish that is well-liked in their country.  Then there were two others, one from upstate NY and one from NJ, both Italian and very friendly.  I told them I had to go get my shower, but I’d return.  So, I went back after the shower, in my PJs.  We sat visiting, sampling foods, and discussing cancer along with other topics.  Truly, Hope Lodge is a blessing in countless ways — I thank the Lord for this special place where support and comfort just “happens.”  Oh, and the Brazilian food was great!

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