A cloudy day.

Tuesday.  Well, I hate to admit it, but today I had to handle a personal health issue.  Two weeks ago I began having an eye problem which didn’t go away. I was able to get in quite quickly to see an ophthalmologist who proceeded to examine, diagnose, and do a laser procedure on my left eye — it turns out that there were a couple of retinal tears.  Had I ignored it, this would have progressed and become a much bigger problem.  Praise the Lord that He provided, once again.  Suffice it to say, the details fell into place amazingly, in a way that only He could have orchestrated.

Rob’s blood work today showed good results, so he was given a free pass on tomorrow’s blood check.  Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll go in for his preliminary radiation appointment.

Even though it was a cloudy, rainy day, this was a very good day, all in all.  We are now living in the apartment together.  The furniture has been delivered, we’ve been hanging some pictures, and it’s feeling downright “homey” here in NYC.  I am SO grateful for God’s blessings.  Just as the sun is still shining beyond the clouds on a cloudy day, there are always blessings.  We many not always notice or see them, but God is blessing us all the same.  Sometimes, He just makes sure we are paying attention.

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