Taxi rides.

Wednesday.  Tomorrow Rob’s radiation will start.  We’ll go early for blood work, then midday he will receive his first radiation therapy.  There are internal balances that are getting trickier, it seems.  While Rob was in the hospital for his first round of chemo, it was the job of the nursing staff to make sure that all the levels were “in balance,” but now that he is having round two as an outpatient, I have some uncertainty that everything is just as it should be, that he is getting enough hydration, etc., etc.  Tomorrow’s blood work may help to put my mind at ease.

So far, Rob and I have had no trouble whatsoever catching a taxi when heading over to his various appointments.  The way it works — the whole taxi thing — is sort of hard to comprehend.  I wonder how many taxis there are in NYC?  How do they decide what streets to drive?  Are they just always circling, circulating, watching and waiting, in the hopes of a raised hand and a generous tipper?  Here’s hoping for a readily available taxi for us as we “get out there” early tomorrow morning…!

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