Food options.

Thursday.  Today was a good day — Rob and I went to the cancer center for his blood work and an overall check.  He needed and received hydration, which was very helpful.  Then, he had his first radiation treatment around 12:45 — quite quick — only took about 15 minutes or so.

We’ve discovered that Rob’s appetite for “anything” is not exactly status quo while he’s on chemo.  Today for lunch he had chicken noodle soup and saltines;  for dinner, he had oatmeal — all of this agreed with him and the remainder of his day was the better for it.

There are things in life that just have to be experienced to understand.  I don’t think we could have predicted for sure, or that Rob would have believed in advance, that a rather restricted diet would be just the ticket — but, whatever agrees with him while the chemo is “in session” is what we will all embrace!  Few things are worse than the “dodgey-stomach” feeling!

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  1. Kim Hershfeld says:

    Jim and I would like to ship some MD cuisine to your apartment. It will arrive on dry ice and can be cooked within a day or two. Please advise with a couple of suitable dates for delivery (do you have a doorman?) and we will get the hammer crackin’.
    Love to all,

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