Home away from home.

Monday.  There is nothing more comforting that having reminders of home when you are not at home.

Yesterday we went to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church here in NYC.  It is a beautiful old church — the church has been in existence since 1808, and this particular building has been its home since 1875.  The senior pastor there, since June, ’08, is the Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston, formerly of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.  That is the church where my parents had their membership for over 60 years, where I grew up, and where Jim and I were married.  When Rob moved to Atlanta, he often went to Trinity with his grandfather during the five-year period of time when Dr. Black Johnston was at Trinity, and Rob really enjoyed his preaching.  As we departed the sanctuary yesterday, we stood in line to speak to the pastor.  He was so warm and he remembered my dad well.  When he heard why we were new residents of the city, he gave his e-mail address to Rob, wanting to keep in touch with him.  Comforting.

Today after Rob’s blood work was done, his hydration was given, and his radiation was over, he and I hopped into a taxi.  Rob had looked online and discovered that there is exactly ONE Chick Fil A in NYC, and it is buried right smack in the middle of the NYU campus, so that’s where we headed for lunch!  Again, comfort.  Like home.

These are small things that seem big when they fill up your heart with warm feelings.  Just knowing that Dr. Black Johnston remembered my dad so fondly and cared so for our son warmed my heart immensely.  Watching Rob enjoy his two Chick Fil A sandwiches was well worth all that taxi $, believe me!  :  )   Could it be that the Lord allows these warm-fuzzy happenings to help us feel His presence?  Because that’s how it feels — like a comforting hug.

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3 Responses to Home away from home.

  1. Roslyn- That is God’s way of saying:
    Trust me. I have everything under control. Love, Jesus.

    Kudos to Rob for finding Chick Fil-A. Never knew it was there.
    Jaran saw LeeAnne at the ornament exchange. She was really excited
    about coming to New York and family time together. Hope you are getting
    rest and I would be doing the exact same thing, walking side by side through this
    storm with my baby. Prayers and love comin your way. Kathy

  2. JANE says:

    Loved your entry today! I know that exact feeling about the Pastor and his kind remarks about your father. A longtime friend of mine called the other day to tell me about a book he had written and one of the characters was modeled after my father, needless to say I was so proud and in tears when I hung up the phone. Isn’t it a great feeling when someone compliments your family. although Daddy died 6 years ago..it seems like yesterday in some ways. I think it is awesome how you have reconnected with your Pastor friend from Atlanta..It is a small world isn’t it? Now you have a special contact right there in New York City! Sounds like Rob is doing a great job with his battle and you are being so positive too. The pictures of y’all in front of the Christmas tree were so good..Rob is such a handsome young man. Keep up the faith and I am praying that the tumor is shrinking right now!
    I am in Denver for a few days with Julie..thought about you when I landed. the mountains are beautiful..covered with snow! LOve to all of you! j ( you are so true about taking things for granted..like chickfilet)

    • Robin Hodges says:

      It was so good talking with you this evening! Now I know where I can go to get my Roslyn “fix.” Maybe I’ll improve my internet communication with precious friends in far places. Meeting your Dad’s ex-pastor truly is a God thing. God is so good!! Will be remembering you again tomorrow night and on Saturday when we go to two separate church functions celebrating the birth of our Savior. Wednesday night is the annual women’s “Sweet Celebration” and Saturday is the Christmas concert. We will miss you all. Many Blessings.

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