Cameras & cold weather.

Tuesday. Unexpectedly, today ended up being a very long day. Rob and I went this morning for his blood work and hydration, followed by radiation. Then we were free for a few hours, but had to return late in the day for the chemo infusion bag to be replaced for the remainder of this round of treatment.  Much to Rob’s delight, we spent our free time at a wonderful and huge camera and electronics store, B & H.  It was surprising to see the amazing array of choices in this one store. Notable was how many employees were available to help customers, and they all seemed quite knowledgeable, as well. There was no high pressure, just extraordinary customer service.  Quite impressive, unlike the number of available taxis when we exited the store — every taxi that passed by was occupied.  It was also crazy-cold!  Finally we did have success (and I uttered a “thank you, Lord” under my breath!), and we were able to return to the cancer center just in time for the bag exchange.  

As I think about the large number of readily available and willing employees of B & H this afternoon and the very small number of available taxis at 5:15 pm today on an extremely cold and windy afternoon in NY, the contrast was striking.  I’m reminded to be grateful for the fact that God provides us with the help we need when we need it.  However, i guess sometimes we have to search and wait….. waiting for a taxi surely makes us thankful when one finally comes along!  If things were always easy, would we ever appreciate anything?                  

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