Unexpected convenience.

Sunday.  Rainy day today.  This weekend has been rather quiet — with Rob’s blood counts low, he has remained at home.  But, he doesn’t complain.  Jim and I ran, or rather walked, some errands yesterday, and we made two great discoveries:  an amazing butcher/meat store and an outstanding bakery, both very close and convenient!  City life and living-without-a-car is surely easier when you discover these nearby gems.

Yesterday some friends I knew from living in Shanghai came to NY for the day.  They had a full day planned, including a play and dinner plans.  After the play I went over to Rockefeller Center to meet up with them — what a zoo!  The crowds were absolutely beyond belief!  But thanks to the magic of phone texting, we zeroed in on each other and made our way to a spot where we could sit and visit.  What fun!  It’s been three years since I’ve seen any of them, yet the time melted away.  Experiencing life together overseas causes friendships to bond rather quickly.  Knowing each other in such a far away place as Shanghai, and then meeting up with them just a few blocks from our apt. here in NYC, it was an unexpected treat.

This morning Jim and I went again to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.  Rob will go back with us when he’s able.   It’s a wonderful thing that this church hosts a homeless shelter.  Truly this is faith in action as the homeless are given food and shelter in the environs of the church.  I’m not sure how and where we can best serve the Lord here in NYC, but I pray that the time, place, and situation will be made clear.  For now, serving as a caregiver seems the obvious given task.  However, God uses us in many ways and often-times;  sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes not.  But, we can trust that God uses all things in our lives and He will use us as we make ourselves willing and available.  Lord, here I am…….

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2 Responses to Unexpected convenience.

  1. peggy Redfern says:

    What an inspiring post! I’ve been feeling the same way, wanting to help others this year.
    That is the true spirit of Christmas.

  2. June Boggs says:

    Roslyn, You are right that sometimes we know how God is using us and sometimes we don’t. But know that God is using both your blog and Rob’s. Your faith is so inspiring and these blogs are a BLESSING to anyone who reads them….. especially on this first day of 2011. Please know that you are all in our prayers. Lynn and I will be in to see you soon! Love, June

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