Double port, twice the fun!

Tuesday.  Remember the old jingle: Double your flavor, double your fun, with DoubleMint DoubleMint DoubleMint Gum! ?

As it turned out, today was not Rob’s final day of chemo — it will be tomorrow.  Oh, well!  The pump is infusing the chemo continuously at a preset rate, so when the end date was mentioned last week, it was stated one day off.  So, just ONE more day.  Rob has a medi-port installed in the upper right portion of his chest.  He actually has a double port, which allows for the continuous infusion into one port, and then the regular blood draws and the additional IV fluids can be administered through the other port.  Pretty amazing, this double port idea.  Who came up with that one?

I often wonder about who first thought of this or that.  When I see cool inventions or handy-helper gadgets, I think, “why didn’t I think of that?”  But then, there is the whole “snuggie” phenomenon.  That is one invention that I did not think my usual query.  That is one invention that seemed downright comical.  Just put on a robe backwards.  It just goes to show you — people will buy anything!  And now Rob has a Superman Snuggie (a gift), and he loves it!  Go figure.

Today it was SO cold here in NY!  Snow began falling last night, and this morning the remnants of snow were there, but it was cold — and got colder and colder as the day wore on.  On the way home from the cancer clinic late this afternoon, the cold had turned brutal.  To make matters worse, there are very few taxis available during the mid-to-late afternoon hours — they seem to all have on their “off duty” light.  Our new plan is to try to figure out the bus system so that way we’ll have an option of transportation when the catch-a-taxi thing isn’t working.  Meanwhile we ducked into a restaurant, had an early dinner, then we got a taxi after dinner with no trouble whatsoever.  Still grateful for each blessing!

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