Crab cakes & cookies.

Friday. We have a houseful of folks here! Jim’s mom & sister drove up from Atlanta, arriving on Wednesday, bearing with them gifts of cake, cookies, and the like.  Yum – just what we needed — sweets for snacking over Christmas!  They also brought along some requested items from Atlanta for our apartment — so helpful.  Also on Wed., Lee Anne flew here from Dallas to be with us through Christmas and New Years.  Before she left, she packed up some boxes (being sent by UPS) with our cold-weather clothes and shoes.  Jim and I have not had our winter clothes with us here in NY since we did not pass through Dallas at any point on this unexpected journey to NY.  At the end of October when Rob called us with the results from his biopsy, Jim and I drove from NC to Atlanta straightaway to be there with him.  Then, right away, we were able to get in for a consultation in NY with Dr. Rosen (whose specialty is in sarcoma), so we flew here and that’s when the whole we’re-moving-to-NY fire drill got underway.

This morning Rob, Joan, & I left the apt early, heading to the cancer center for Rob’s blood work, radiation, and whatever else the day might hold. Yesterday afternoon, Rob had a CT scan done, so there was discussion today with Dr. Rosen regarding that, and he also got a massage squeezed in for good measure. Most days Rob avails himself of the opportunity for either a foot or head & shoulder massage. It’s bound to help!

We have been the recipients lately of some wonderful care packages, as well as cards and letters from friends & family. Oh my goodness, some of the goodies are so delicious and the variety…. well, for example: tonight we enjoyed the most amazing Maryland crab cakes! They were sent to us by dear friends whom we haven’t seen in such a long time.

God has truly blessed us with faithful and caring family and friends who help to sustain us daily in a way that is difficult to even put into words. We feel cared for and carried along by these and many other of God’s blessings.

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  1. ada says:

    it thrills my heart to see how God is providing-i don’t have a ny add for you please send-maybe you can go to the brooklyn tabernacle church – ive not been but hear its a rockin place- how wonderful that the family can be with you for Christmas- all because of the birth of a baby we get Christmas- God says we are worth it
    Merry Christmas to all!!

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