Counting my blessings.

Wednesday.  Round Three has begun.  Rob has received two infusions of different chemo medicine than he had in the first two rounds.  He got one type on Monday (a four-hour infusion) and a different type on Tuesday (a one-hour infusion).  But, today was the kicker — he is feeling the chemo effects more today — it just has not been an easy day.  His hiccups are especially bothersome, as is the nausea.  Each day this week he has left the cancer center with a large, heavy backpack containing 3 liters of hydration fluids connected directly into his medi-port by tubing.  By the following morning, the bag is empty.  The reason he is receiving all this fluid is to protect his kidneys.

Rob’s girlfriend, Ashley, arrived yesterday.  Even though he’s not feeling well at all, I’m sure her presence is helping.  Jack had to leave today to get back to Atlanta for the end-of-year at work.  Actually, he was supposed to leave on Monday afternoon, but his flight was cancelled because of the snow storm, and he was just plain lucky to find a flight out today.  Lee Anne is still here.  One of her good friends will arrive tomorrow for a visit for several days.  It’s definitely a good thing that we have a three bedroom apartment!

The city is still full of snow — it’s beginning to look less and less like a winter wonderland and more and more like tall piles of dirty snow along the sides of the road.  Today was not as cold as it has been, so it’s likely that the snow will start to dissipate soon.  Our taxi drivers have been talkative this week as we’ve been discussing the weather conditions and our gratefulness to them for giving us a ride.  Expressions of gratitude must be the universal ice breaker.  But, it’s true — I’m so very grateful each time a taxi pulls over for us.

Thanks be to God for so many blessings:  thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers / thanks for successful heart surgery today for our friend, Steve / thanks for safe travels for Jack this afternoon / thanks for harsh medicine that we trust is helping to fight Rob’s malignant tumor.  Praying for our friends at Hope Lodge as they pursue their various treatments / praying for Beth as she undergoes a bone marrow transplant / praying for God’s watchful care over all those we love.  I try to remember to count my blessings, which is something that my mother, on numerous occasions, reminded me to do.  I am certain she did it often and knew the value of it.

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2 Responses to Counting my blessings.

  1. Cindy Schuster says:

    Love you dear friend. My heart breaks for you as a mother, as I know how your heart must feel. Love how you lean on your mother’s words and feel your Lord in Heaven’s arms around you. So often I hear my Mom’s saying in tough times. What a legacy we had in our parents! What a legacy your children will have from you and Jim. Give my love to your family and please know that we are praying for Rob and your family. Trusting God with you all, sweetie! Cindy

    • Peggy Guthrie says:

      My mom used to say, “Time and the hour pass the roughest day.” I’ve used it often. But we have more than time and the hour. We have the power of God’s great love for us and His amazing grace. Let it manifest here, O Lord, our Healer and Friend.

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