The waiting game.

Wednesday night.  Tonight we have had all sorts of excitement, but instead of just jumping in, I’ll try to start at the beginning. We were not early getting over to the NYU Cancer Center this morning — Rob has been so zonked out with this latest round of chemo that he wasn’t exactly up with the chickens, as I believe the old saying goes. Plus the anti-nausea med that he takes first thing needed to kick in, so when he felt like it, we left the apartment, which was around 11:30. His last day of radiation was yesterday, so today there was no radiation-appointment-time-table to juggle. We learned on Monday that there was a high probability of Rob needing a transfusion this week with his blood levels dropping like a rock, so he went in yesterday for a blood draw and blood typing. That way the correct blood match could be ordered and ready for today’s transfusion.

The problem with arriving on the 6th floor around 11:45, like we did today, is that there is usually an accumulation of waiting patients by then, making the wait-time quite long. Today Rob waited for 45 minutes. The good news was Sarah was back from her two-week Christmas vacation to her home in Canada, so when he was called back to a cubicle, Sarah was in her usual take-charge mode (take-charge in a good way!). She got the blood draw done and then got the transfusion going pronto.

But, here is the thing: Rob had a bit of fever today (as well as a sore throat) and by the end of the transfusion, which took 4 hours, it was still there. We were warned that he might need to go to the ER and get admitted to the hospital, but only if his fever went up. So, we headed home around 6:15 and not long thereafter, Rob’s fever started to rise. We received instructions to head to the ER, so we left our apartment building through the back entrance.   As we left (Jim, Rob, Lee Anne, Ashley, and me), we walked out in the midst of a “Gossip Girl” shoot, right there on our street! Too bad we couldn’t stay and watch the action unfold, but we were on a mission.

Now we are waiting once again — this time in a cubicle at NYU’s ER. It’s almost 3AM, and we are hoping for a room on the 16th floor, sometime soon….?

All this waiting isn’t so bad when you consider it’s just a part of the journey. I try not to orchestrate the times so much, since there is really no point, and it would only lead to frustration.  I’m not saying I haven’t mentioned the long wait (I just reminded our nurse in the ER that we are still here, with a smile), and I admit, I have asked a couple of times if our room was ready yet, but it seems a calm approach makes us all feel better in the long run.  Thank you, Lord, for keeping me fully aware of Your presence, which removes panic and fear. And, I’ll keep hoping for news of a room soon…..

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3 Responses to The waiting game.

  1. Gari B. Lugar says:

    I can picture seeing you now, as a worried Momma, trying to patiently pace around the nurse’s desk just a bed for a sick son with a fever!!! I am so glad God gave you the ability to be flexible and patience. I am on my knees praying for you all.

  2. June Boggs says:

    I am so sorry that y’all are back in the hospital! I definitely think Rob should get the big screen TV this time! Hopefully, this will be a quick in and out and he can be back in his own bed soon. Thinking of and praying for you all.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, June. I hope you all are having a good New Year so far, and that your Christmas was enjoyable. It’s always a bit difficult to get back into normal living following the break over the week of Christmas and New Years. This year, of course, is altogether different for us, as there is no normal. Each day presents a new set of challenges, but really, isn’t that always the case???

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