Sunday night.  Rob has now been isolated in his hospital room (no roommates, kind of nice) since Wednesday night, or rather, the wee hours of Thursday morning.  I think it was 4:30 am.  He’s been on two different antibiotics to combat the infection, as there was some sort of infection causing his fever.  He had a very sore throat, so perhaps that was the culprit.  But, there is also the issue of the burned leg:  his leg has gotten progressively more “sunburned” from the radiation.  He was told it would react that way, but isn’t it strange that the burn has gotten worse after the radiation has ended — it’s been five days since his last day of treatment.  He felt it was less “angry” today, so perhaps it is on the mend.  Meanwhile, Jim has had something, so he’s been in quarantine — meaning that he didn’t go to the hospital over the weekend just to make sure that he didn’t expose Rob to a bug.

The big screen TV is back!  Those nurses really take care of Rob!

Atlanta is apparently getting slammed with snow and ice as I type this.  That could make Ashley’s return flight somewhat iffy for her scheduled Tuesday afternoon departure.  We will just wait and see, of course.  This week there are also plans for Jim, Rob, and me to go to Boston for two surgery consults, and we had planned to leave Wednesday morning, returning on Thursday afternoon or Friday.  So, what will the NY weather do to those plans?  Hmmm, wait and see.  And, will Rob even be out of the hospital by Wednesday?  I think so, but….

It’s rather curious how we plan, but in reality, we have very little control over so many things that effect the outcome of the plan.  Considering all the variables, it’s amazing how many times the plan actually works out!  But, plan we must, of course.  It’s just that we should always remember to be agreeable to another, possibly altogether different course of action.  I think I’ve learned over the years to remain flexible (ten moves with IBM), but perhaps it’s a lesson that bears constant repetition.  Change provides the opportunity to learn anew how to trust in God.  Putting it in simple terms, it helps to remember that God will be there in the future scenario, just as He is in the present.  I didn’t leave God behind in Houston, for example, when we moved to Connecticut.  It was (and is always) helpful for me to keep that in mind, heading into a new situation.  And, just so I couldn’t forget that fact, so many times there were details which worked out in a way that could have only been through God’s hand, so He made it very clear.  I’ve felt that way throughout this past year, especially.  Suffice it to say, we are tethered to God’s loving arms, where it is safe and secure.  And that is where we will stay.  It’s just important to remember that we are there!

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