Expecting snow.

Tuesday night.  Today is 1/11/11! Happy birthday, Laura!

This afternoon, we drove north — to Boston — trying to stay ahead of the snow, which is expected to fall in copious amounts.  The thing about having expectations is that it helps you to prepare, while it may or may not come to pass!  Rob has two appointments over the next two days:  consultations with surgeons here whom Dr. Rosen has recommended.  Next week, we will be meeting with a couple of surgeons in NY, as well.  After gathering information from these sessions, we should have a good idea of the best options available and a good idea with whom we all feel comfortable doing his surgery.  The time frame of Rob’s surgery is probably around a month from now, we expect.

Since Ashley’s flight back to Atlanta was cancelled, she rode along with us to Boston.  The problem with Atlanta is all the snow and ice there.  Ice is the treacherous part.

Tonight we are planning to go to one of Jim’s favorite seafood places here in Boston.  I’ll give a report on it later, but I think we’re all ready for some great seafood.

— leaving for dinner —–

We are back, and – yes – it was great!  Legal Seafood:  very fresh & excellent seafood with attentive service.  I recommend it if you are ever in Boston.

It seems important for us to keep on functioning as normally as possible in this very abnormal time.  Speaking of abnormal, Rob’s leg has really been through it!  Well, so has Rob, of course…. but his leg is red and very burned-looking and quite swollen.  It hurts him to walk on it.  Dr. Rosen said today that it should be better in a couple of weeks.  His battle with cancer has definitely started to seem like a battle.  At first he just had a leg that hurt.  Then it began to hurt a lot, but he didn’t seem sick.  Now, after three rounds of chemo, it seems like a battle.  The interesting thing is that he stays the course, never waivers in moving forward, keeping his eye on the goal of cure.  While I thank God for his attitude, courage, and stamina, I also thank God for how his attitude makes the rest of us around him feel.

The snow is supposed to start after midnight.  So far, no snow.  When we wake up, it’s supposed to be a blizzard!  While I’m not exactly sure what to expect, I pray that tonight’s snowy weather will not hinder our plan to meet with the doctor tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Expecting snow.

  1. Debbie Welch says:

    Hi Roslyn: Keep up with your blog daily. Just wanted you to know that I am praying each day for Rob and all of you. Hope your day today goes as planned.

    Love, Debbie

  2. Marsha adams says:

    I am praying daily for all of you. I so appreciate and am inspired by your daily blogs. I identify so often,but sometimes with not as much faith maybe. Thanks for the encouragement. I so appreciate that gift in you and thank god that rob has your encouragement and god’s strength. We really liked legals while there on our honeymoon. I identify with the preparing even though turned out to not be necessary. Just did that. Praying for the appointments and James 1:5. That was the verse among others that we claimed daily through my walk with cancer.

  3. Darlene says:

    Hi Roslyn

    Tell Jim that Legal Seafoods is in Atlanta and Washington DC. I have eaten at both. I ate at Legal Seafoods in Boston when it was a hole in the wall and you had to get serve your own drinks.

    Hope you are safe in a hotel. I heard they got over a foot of snow last night.

  4. Jane Brown says:

    Keeping up with you through your blog and so glad you all made it to Boston! The weather looks pretty bad. Praying for all of you and the medical decisions that you all have to make these next few days. (I had to smile when I thought about our shared IBM trip to Boston so many years ago..remember Sturbridge Village! Ronnie still loves to tell that story on you and me) Keep smiling and share that strong positive spirit! Love ya..jane

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