Home sweet home.

Friday.  We are back in NY now, after having had informative medical meetings on both Wednesday and Thursday with two highly recommended oncological orthopedic surgeons in Boston.  Next week, we will have two more meetings here in New York, and after all of these appointments, we’ll further discuss things with Dr. Rosen with the goal of arriving at a surgical plan.  So, in a nutshell, there you have it.  Rob is now feeling better — one week ago, he was in the hospital with low blood counts and fever, and today he’s already made a trek to our neighborhood grocery and butcher shops, so food is back on his radar screen!

It was quite an adventure to head out to Boston on Tuesday afternoon in our little Nissan rental car, hurrying along with the knowledge that a heavy and debilitating snow was on its way.  The first doctor appointment in Boston was scheduled for Wednesday at 1:00, which was a good thing, as it gave the snow plow trucks time to clear paths on the main roads.  Yes, the snow did arrive!  As we went to sleep around 12-1 am Tuesday night, there was no snow falling, but by 7 am, everything was heavily blanketed with tons of snow!  What a difference a few hours made.  We allowed plenty of driving time and had no issues as we made our way to the Wed. afternoon appointment.  Actually, there was precious little traffic on the roads!  It takes a lot to shut Boston down, but it did seem “shut-down” on Wednesday.  On Thursday morning, our doctor appointment was at 7:40 am, and while the roads were not yet clear, we arrived again with no problems.  I truly thank the Lord that the unusual weather did not thwart our medical plans.  On our way back to NY yesterday we took a couple of detours, driving through the U Conn campus, being so close, and then through the town of Wilton, since we haven’t been back since having lived there 20 years ago.  It was great fun to see our house, our church, the Little League fields, and all the rest.  While everything was very blanketed in snow, there was still familiarity.  Our quick trip through town served as a reminder of a place where we so much enjoyed living.

Arriving back in NY just before dark, it was bitterly cold.  While there was not nearly the amount of snow here than what we had experienced in Boston, it was much colder here upon our arrival.  As we entered our apartment, it felt really good to be back home.  I know, I know, I’m calling our NY apartment “home.”  But, it feels like a comfortable place to be settled in for now.

It seems so clear that God’s loving hand is orchestrating things for us.  I know that I can trust Him, and I pray that He will continue to guide us in clear fashion, giving us courage and clarity as we face the big decisions that are ahead of us.  I pray for Rob, especially, to feel God’s strength and hear His voice.  Hearing is a two-way-street:  we pray and know that God hears our prayers, and we must also be quiet, be still, and know that He is God, and He speaks to our hearts.

2 Samuel 22:7 – 7 But in my distress I cried out to the Lord; yes, I cried to my God for help.  He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry reached his ears.

Psalm 95:7 –  7 for he is our God.  We are the people he watches over, the flock under his care.  If only you would listen to his voice today!

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  1. janie redfearn morris says:

    Roslyn. FINALLY!!!! Thank you for helping me with the web address. For some reason when I was trying before I was not able to remember the exact address, and thus no wonder your computer challenged sister was not finding your blog. You are SO right. In all of this GOD’S provision in the midst of the storm and storms literally!!!! IS so evident!!!! We will continue to be praying for you all. Love you. J

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