Fear and courage.

Tuesday.  It’s 1/18 — Happy birthday, Lena!  (and happy birthday yesterday, Robley!)

Rain in New York makes it much more difficult to run errands that need to be done.  We need some grocery items, but I’ve been reticent to go out in the weather.  As my mother used to tell me:  I’m just so sweet that I might melt!    :  )

Rob is doing well, I’m glad to say.  He has spent his recent days resting, thereby gaining strength as a result, I would guess.  He deserves to rest after all he’s been through lately.  The skin on his leg is looking better although it is peeling as it might after a terrible sunburn.  It was actually a monstrous burn — blistering skin, flaming red, and raw.  Radiation is not for sissies.  Now it’s just a darker shade of reddish tan, and it is peeling.

I spoke with Dr. Rosen this afternoon and gave him a report of our recent doctor meetings.  So far, we’ve seen two orthopedic oncologists in Boston, as well as one here in NYC.  We will see another on Thursday morning.  These are surgeons whom Dr. Rosen has recommended that we consult.  All in all, we will have viewpoints from some very smart and capable surgeons who deal with soft tissue sarcomas/tumors on a regular basis.  Yet, in the end, Rob is the one who will make the final decision.  Simply put, the decision will be whether the surgery is for limb-salvage or amputation.  This is what I am praying for where Rob is concerned — that his choice is made clear, that God will speak loudly and clearly to his spirit, and that he will not look back and regret.

While limb-saving surgery perhaps could be done, should it be done?  Sometimes answers become clear immediately, sometimes they become clear later.  Fear is something that we cannot embrace — not at a time like this — but fear of the Lord, well, that’s another matter.  1 Samuel 12:24:  But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.

Thank you, Lord!  You have done and continue to do great things for us!!!

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2 Responses to Fear and courage.

  1. Ellen Knox says:

    Roslyn, I love you and admire the courage of all of you! Thank goodness the cancer has not spread! And you have experienced, very intelligent care with the doctors. You are all on my heart & I will be praying for you. Lots of love, Ellen

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Ellen. I hope all is well with the Knox family!

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