Clean up on aisle nine….

Thursday.  Another good day for Rob. We are all enjoying visiting with the adult kids of a man who is one of the others staying in Rob’s quadruple room.  Having recently gone through taking care of my own parents while they were quite sick in the hospital, I tried to encourage these adult children in their role.  How great it is for their father that they are supporting him.  Sometimes it just feels good to have a pat on the back when you are worried, yet doing all you can…

Then tonight, Rob was walking his loops around the hallway when, lo & behold, someone had left open one of those hospital desks that folds down from the wall.  Rob bumped into it with his IV pole but kept on walking. Suddenly, he felt liquid dripping — both of the tubes dispensing meds were cut clean through, as if cut by a pair of sharp scissors!  It caused a huge reaction and a big problem:  toxic-cleanup-protocol and all!  However, since he suddenly found himself freed from his pole connection, Rob seized the opportunity while untethered to take a real shower!  The pharmacy had to prepare another bag of chemo, so it took about an hour and a half for the new bag to be brought up to him.  I didn’t realize just how specialized that chemo-concoction is, but it is apparently quite “special”!

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