Double cheeseburger.

Today is Friday, aka Rob’s 4th day on chemo.  It was more necessary for him to have the anti-nausea medication today. Thank goodness that is not a problem — the nursing staff has been instructed to give him plenty of those meds.  I guess the idea is to keep that feeling away so as to not get started down that road!  That said, Rob slept a good portion of the middle of the day today. When he woke up, he was hungry but didn’t want the food that had been sitting under the green plastic plate cover, and I don’t blame him.  It was lukewarm vegetable stir-fry.  So, off Jim and I went — McDonalds is what he wanted, so we walked several blocks to retrieve it.  It was an absolutely beautiful day today — for me, right now, a nice weather day feels like God’s special blessing.  He has been liberally sending those blessings to us lately. I wonder if it’s just that I am more sensitive to them, more attuned to them, looking for them more…?  At any rate, I’m utterly amazed and grateful.

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