Same song…..

Wednesday night.  One of my favorite tunes:  The Four Tops’ “It’s the Same Old Song.”

Rob had the same difficulty this morning — too much nausea to feel like getting out of bed, and when he did, it came upon him so strongly that he got back into bed!  Like yesterday, he took anti-nausea meds, and finally we made it to NYUCC.  But, today we had to wait since he wasn’t arriving as sick as he did yesterday.  So, after about an hour’s wait, he was put into a room with a bed, the only room available at that time.  Perhaps it was for the best since he felt more like lying down than sitting up today.

Jim arrived back in town safely this evening — thank you, Lord!  There was snow today and even more upstate, where he had been.  We woke up this morning to very snowy conditions, and it continued throughout the day.  Well, I actually have no idea what was going on outside during the latter part of the afternoon as Rob was in a room with no windows.  It was around 7 pm when we got back home.

Gosh, it feels great to have Jim back.  I guess I missed him….!

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4 Responses to Same song…..

  1. Jane Brown says:

    Thinking about our dear “Southern friends” in New York. It looks soo cold and soo much snow! Be careful as you all travel back and forth to the doctor’s office! I am praying that this last round of chemo will really attack the tumor and cause it to shrink even more! You know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Love ya

  2. Terry says:

    Roslyn and Jim: Know that Mary and I are still reading and still praying for Rob.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. From personal experience I sometimes feel better about problem situations by simply writing about them. Hope the same applies for you.

    • admin says:

      Terry, we surely appreciate your prayers! Yes, I agree — writing helps to gather one’s thoughts and to put things into perspective. Mainly, I figure it’s good to keep family and friends informed and knowledgeable about how to best pray for us…!

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