An inside day.

Tuesday night.  Today has been a quiet but good day — spent on the 19th floor looking out at the sleety and overcast day from our apartment windows.  Rob didn’t have to go in today for any medical stuff, so we were able to stay at home! I’ve spent the day catching up with things that have been patiently waiting for my attention:  paying bills, cleaning the stove, filing papers, etc.  Laundry needs to be done — perhaps that’s tomorrow’s task.  We have a large laundromat room in the basement of our building.  I tend to let the clothes really pile up before heading downstairs, since those machines can’t be set to small, medium, or large loads — one price, one size load.

Tomorrow Rob and I will head back to the cancer center for blood work.  I pray that his blood counts are holding and that the chemo is still fighting away at his tumor!  I trust that God continues to work on Rob’s leg and in his life.

Some excerpts from Psalm 119:  73 You made me; you created me.  Now give me the sense to follow your commands. 74 May all who fear you find in me a cause for joy, for I have put my hope in your word. 75 I know, O Lord, that your regulations are fair;  you disciplined me because I needed it. 76 Now let your unfailing love comfort me, just as you promised me, your servant.

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