Fast food delivery.

Monday.  Today Jim and I went, with Rob’s blessing, to finish the particulars involving the apartment lease, get the bank certified checks, etc., etc.  Honestly, you would think we were trying to buy the entire building rather than just rent an apartment for a year!  I suppose it’s all about risk management.  Then Rob called and put in his request for a Burger King or McDonalds burger.  We have definitely been in the food delivery business lately!  But I’m glad his appetite is hanging in there.

Dr. Rosen and Adrienne came by to see Rob this afternoon.  Dr. Rosen has just returned from his conference in Paris.  They both seem so hands-on and involved with Rob’s case, which gives us a good sense of security.  Of course, our ultimate security is that we are all in God’s loving and capable hands.

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  1. becky blair says:

    You are an amazing woman, Roslyn. Rob is so blessed to have you.

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