Prayers for roommates.

Wednesday.  When we got to the hospital today, Rob had been given the idea that he might get to leave by the end of the day…. that was the first time he really showed that he was getting tired of that quadruple room with all the chaos inherently involved with it!  But soon he was told that it was a mistake that he was told that, so Rob took it in stride.  There is the sweetest Italian couple next to him.  The husband is the patient, but his wife is with him for long hours.  She is so sweet and encouraging to Rob.  She even wanted to bring him a homemade Italian meal tomorrow — BUT, he will be checking out tomorrow….. There has been a Russian family directly across from Rob for several days.  The patient is a doctor, I think a neurologist.  He is so very much loved by his wife and daughter, it’s quite heartwarming.  The doctor was moved tonight to ICU, as he has taken a turn.  Before Jim and I left tonight, we all three held hands and prayed (as we do most nights before leaving the hospital), praying for him….

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