Spring blessings.

Saturday.  The blessing of friends is a true blessing, indeed!  I’ve always felt so.  This week it was especially evident — on Tuesday I had lunch with a new friend here in New York.  Her friendship is an unexpected gift.  Also, a friend from Dallas has been in town this week with her daughter, so Lee Anne and I met them for lunch on Thursday.  We ended up joining them for dinner and a play on Thursday night, as well, so it was a full day of “fun with friends” — another unexpected blessing.  Besides that, Thursday was my cousin’s birthday (*happy birthday, Merri!), AND there was a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC — a very big deal, apparently!  It was a beautiful day and folks donned green (clothes, wigs, hats), watching the parade, walking all around — it felt like a big green party on the streets of Manhattan!  Spring-time in New York seems to be a celebratory event, which is understandable after the long, harsh winter.

Rob had another follow-up appointment with Dr. Rapp on Friday.  His incision is finally healing with no more breakthrough bleeding, so those extra stitches are holding up.  To recap:  he wouldn’t have needed extra stitches had he not fallen smack on the end of his amputated leg when he slipped off of the side of his bed six days after his surgery.  Now his surgical pain has subsided and his skin is healing.  But, the phantom pain is still hanging around, like phantoms tend to do.

Rob is scheduled to start back on chemo on Monday morning.  We are expected to be at the NYU Cancer Clinic bright and early.

Today could not be a more beautiful spring day — the sky is so blue and the weather so pleasant:  not too cool, not too warm — just right.

Addendum:  What was that I wrote about a perfect spring day?  Well, it seemed that way from the open windows and the beautiful sky.  Once we were outside walking, it was quite chilly and rather windy — not perfect spring weather.  Not yet.

Sat. evening:  we decided to go out to an early dinner, so we scurried around and got ready for our 5 pm meal at Felidia, an amazing Italian restaurant just 2 blocks from our apartment.  We decided to eat early because 1) we had only eaten “brunch” today, and 2) that was the only time that they could accommodate a table of four for us tonight.  We walked, and Rob walked there on his crutches — it was a lot of walking for him, and now that we are done with dinner and back at home, he is utterly exhausted.  But, the meal was wonderful.  We definitely recommend it!

Daniel 2:20-21  God is wise and powerful!  Praise him forever and ever. 21 He controls the times and the seasons;  he makes and unmakes kings;  it is he who gives wisdom and understanding.

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3 Responses to Spring blessings.

  1. peggy Redfern says:

    So glad to hear Lee Anne is still up there!
    And that y’all are having fun with friends.

  2. Ellen Knox says:

    Thinking of you all this week & hoping the chemo is going well. I pray for you all each day & for the healing to work its wonders. Peace & love to you all, Ellen

  3. ada says:

    praying that the phantom pains will subside and that the chemo will do what its supposed to do, and then go away. great to hear your voice, glad we got to talk. love to all

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