Sleeping in.

Friday.  This morning, Jim left very early for the airport, heading to Atlanta for the weekend.  He has arranged for movers to pack up some items in Atlanta for our NY apartment.  It’s been such a sad year:  my dad died in April, and my mother died in September.  We still have their condo in Atlanta;  actually, Rob has been living there.  He moved in with my dad at the end of Oct., ’09.  He helped take care of his grandfather during those difficult final months.  Now we find that we must furnish an apartment in New York City — I’m more than certain that my parents would have given their complete blessing to this plan.

Meanwhile, Rob took the opportunity this morning (in our quiet and comfortable Hampton Inn hotel room) to sleep late — he didn’t get much uninterrupted sleep in the hospital!  John at the Hampton Inn gave us leniency with our check out time, thankfully!  Then we moved 1 block north to Hope Lodge, a wonderful facility provided by the American Cancer Society, for cancer patients and one caregiver who have come from some distance to receive cancer treatment in area hospitals.  We feel quite blessed to have been offered a room here after Rob’s hospital stay.  It’s such a nice environment here.  There is no doubt that I’ll forever support the American Cancer Society after this experience.

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