The waiting game.

Thursday night.  New York actually had nice weather today!  Early this morning, Rob and I headed down via taxi to the Cancer Center.  Okay — I’ll explain — sometimes Rob and I have been taking taxis.  Ever since Rob’s surgery, we’ve generally been calling a car service for transportation around NYC, but now that he is more stable and able to walk a block or two if necessary, we have on occasion resorted to hailing a taxi on the corner.  This morning we walked out of the apartment building and right away saw a taxi waiting at the corner.  Same for our return — there was an available taxi stopped at the red light at the corner of 34th and 3rd, so we hopped on in.  Both ways, the taxis were so quickly and readily available — surely God’s provision!

The nice part about arriving before 9 am on the 6th floor is that there is not much wait time — and we can usually secure a curtained cubicle by a window.  After waiting around for the results from the blood draw, we learned that Rob’s platelet count was too low for chemo to start today, so it has now been postponed until Monday.  So, he’ll wait.

Waiting is not easy.  Hmmm — is patience learned or is it inborn?  Even though patience may come easier for some people than for others, it isn’t easy to come by.  There are lessons to be learned by waiting.  Perhaps it’s an important part of God’s grand plan.  I’ve heard talk of heavenly sandpaper, which is what God uses as He transforms us, the goal being to become more like Christ.  Therefore, it’s probably not too far-fetched to say that waiting falls into that sandpaper category.  So, Rob waits.  He waits for the start of chemo, and he waits in great anticipation for his new prosthetic leg….!

Psalm 27:13-14   I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

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