Along the way.

Friday.  I Thessalonians 5:11  Encourage one another and build each other up….

I found a devotional that I had cut out somewhere along the way over the past several months.  Here is an excerpt:

We all need help along the way in life, as we try to live as faithful followers of Christ in the midst of the daily struggles and celebrations that come our way.  God’s intent was for us to be in community as disciples because He knew we would need one another for encouragement, accountability, challenge to grow, and for the simple well-being that friendships bring into our lives.

Just wanted to share this.  Helping each other along the way makes everyone’s lives better…..!

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2 Responses to Along the way.

  1. Jane Brown says:

    Thinking about my good friends in NYC ! Sounds like you all are doing well and ready to move South..Look forward to seeing you in Plano in the next few months! Love ya Jane

  2. Hello Again- Go Mavs tomorrow!!! Great news for sure.
    I have been busy ending school and hosting baby shower
    and a retirement party both weekends. Still miss you, but I am so excited with progress. Way to go, Rob!
    Kristen will be here tomorrow night, then on to Ohio. Love, Kathy

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