February 2nd.

February 2. Happy Birthday, Lee Anne!

It’s also Groundhog Day. Here’s an interesting fact:

The celebration of Groundhog Day lies in a German superstition stating that if a groundhog dog sees his shadow Feb. 2, the Christian holiday of Candlemas, winter will last another six weeks and if no shadow is seen, spring will come early (from an International Business Times article).

Who knew? A German superstition. Well, I don’t really buy that the weather is controlled by a rodent who either sees or does not see his shadow on the second day of February, but it’s fun, apparently, for the 18,000 people who gathered to watch the spectacle in Pennsylvania today.

According to the International Business Times article, “Punxsutawney Phil, America’s most famous weather predictor, showed his shadow Thursday, predicting winter for six more weeks, but he was in the vast minority among other groundhogs who think that spring is coming early this year.

Phil emerged from his lair Feb. 2 to see his shadow on Gobbler’s Knob to predict the weather.

But groundhogs in other five states – West Virginia’s French Creek Freddie, Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee, Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck and New York’s Staten Island Chuck – did not see their shadows, Associated Press reported.

Even Ontario’s Wiarton Willie and Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam did not see their shadow.

More than 18, 000 people gathered at around 7.30 a.m. at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to witness the prognostication ceremony.”

Guess they had nothing better to do.

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