Surgery scheduled.

Wednesday night. The schedule is set for Monday — Rob will have surgery on Monday to resolve his painful nerve issue. I think I can safely say he’s more than thrilled to be taking this step forward. As long as this nerve problem persists, he cannot wear his prosthesis, and as long as he isn’t able to wear his prosthesis, he is hindered from accomplishing many everyday activities. It’s been a major frustration.

If all goes as planned, surgery will take place on Feb. 20th (in Atlanta). One year ago, Rob’s amputation was on Feb. 24th (in New York). While this recent set-back has slowed things down, it’s been just that — a set-back, not a complete road block. I expect that Rob will set his mind on as quick a recovery as possible so that he can get back to the list of things he wants to accomplish as an amputee. He originally wanted to finish his list in one year, but in my opinion he should just work the list and keep working it, for as long as he comes up with more list items!

I’m reminded to be ever so grateful for life, for progress, for goals, and for hope.

Lee Anne and I watched the movie “The Horse Whisperer” tonight. What the mother did for the daughter after her traumatic life-threatening accident, was quite amazing. She drove across the country with that very broken horse and her very broken daughter, in hopes of finding an answer, any answer. What she did gave her daughter a renewed outlook, a second chance. The mother sought out and found the help that healed the horse, as well. It was brave. It was not-taking-no-for-an-answer. Sometimes movies can help us pin-point admirable traits in the heroes/heroines.

I’ve heard it said that we are all role models, one way or another — you can be either a good role model or a bad one. And, we all have it in us to rise to the occasion. Just praying that next week I can rise to the occasion of being a caregiver, once again….

Psalm 28: 6-8 I praise you, LORD, for answering my prayers. You are my strong shield, and I trust you completely. You have helped me, and I will celebrate and thank you in song. You give strength to your people, LORD, and you save and protect your chosen ones.

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  1. Christy Brawand says:

    Just returned from vacation and learned about Rob’s surgery. Will be praying.

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