Rose-colored glasses.

Friday. Inspiration. It can come from unexpected sources.

Over the past couple of days, I happened to turn on the TV to find movies about both Seabiscuit and Secretariat. Both were amazing horses with amazing stories. Secretariat was the colt of an 18-year-old mare and the breeding did not demand high expectations, except that his soon-to-be-owner had a hunch about the possibilities of the breeding. Turns out her belief in her new colt was well-founded. Both horses are inspirations as to what a strong will can achieve. In both stories, it became clear that some magic ingredient seemed to be within the horse: desire, will-to-win, stamina against great competition, and ability to overcome obstacles along the way. Is that trained into them? Perhaps partly, but if it were so simple, we’d see more of the same, year after year. Rather, it seems there was just that spark on the inside — God-given. We learn it took a team to attain such results — the horse alone probably would not have achieved such greatness without good training, sensitive treatment, understanding the nuances and unseen issues. I love the scene of the groom of “Big Red” when Secretariat is running The Kentucky Derby — he’s standing along the sidelines and quietly says, “I knew he could do it!” Belief and having others believing definitely plays a large role in the outcome! But I just love Seabiscuit — reading the excellent book by Laura Hillenbrand illuminates so many interesting details. Time and time again, he and his “team” overcame great odds to win, plus that unexpected horse had such an innate desire, it couldn’t be squelched. Seabiscuit hits the emotional cords hard with heart-wrenching dramas involving the owner, trainer, jockey, and the horse himself. Neither story was about being just plain lucky — rather, all those involved were hopeful. Rose-colored glasses, maybe. Glass-half-full types, certainly. Persistent and persevering, definitely.

Scout (yellow Lab) has been busy healing — she was still gimpy when I left TX in mid-Feb. We are now giving her free rein in the house (a big step!). Recuperation from knee surgery with a canine patient who can’t understand why tight constraints are being enforced is tricky business! She often looked at us with an expression that seemed to say, “I must have done something that warrants punishment, but I’m not sure what it was….” Wish we could explain that it was all for her own good — and the pain and confinement she has experienced went towards the end-goal of normal activity and good life ahead!

I thank God for His continued presence and I stand in awe of His goodness: safe travels; Rob’s surgery is behind him and he’s recovering well (although we don’t know yet if his pain issue has been resolved); making progress towards the sale of this house — well, not so much, but I’m still hopeful. Having a house on the market is like walking on pins and needles, but as my mother used to always remind me, “This too shall pass!” Now, where are those glasses?

Psalm 3: 3-5 But, Lord, you are my shield, my wonderful God who gives me courage. I will pray to the Lord, and he will answer me from his holy mountain. I can lie down and go to sleep, and I will wake up again, because the Lord gives me strength.

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  1. Gari B. Lugar says:

    So glad to hear Rob’s surgery went well…….. Yes, I called up my Daddy a couple of days ago just to let him here a Mockingbird that was talking up a storm…….. don’t you love all those sweet birds……

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