Thursday night. It’s July 19th — tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. I have one mind to go get a cake for her and celebrate. How silly does that sound? But, I miss her, and want to somehow say happy birthday to her. She had 86 of them here. Hmmmm — I wonder if we will celebrate earth-birth in heaven? Or will we celebrate heaven-birth? Or does the celebration just happen every day once we are there? I’ve heard somewhere along the line that the time constraints of earth are no longer relevant in eternity, so time and special dates are probably not even a consideration.

I was just thinking today that there would be so many questions I’d have for my mother if she were still in life. Perhaps I should pursue finding those distant cousins who might hold some of the answers. That “ancestry.com” commercial gets me every time. The older I get, the more important those elusive family reunions seem!

Yesterday I was privileged enough to go with Rob to his prosthetist appointment. He had an 8:30 appointment — we did not leave there until 3:00! An all-day-affair. But at the end of those hours, he left the building walking on his prosthesis (something he hasn’t done since last October) and even said it felt “pretty good!” That’s high praise coming from Rob — it’s been a long time since his leg has felt pretty good. Much credit goes to Pro Care Prosthetics and their diligence and commitment to getting Rob back into his leg. And, obviously, all sorts of credit goes to Rob who possesses more tenacity, persistence, and perseverance than most anyone I know. He had only been walking with his C-leg for five months before the pain issue started, and it’s been nine months since he was able to wear it. However, he has not let that stop him from living — he’s just been somewhat hindered by having to walk along on one leg with the aid of forearm crutches. Obviously, living will be much easier with a prosthesis, but in the meantime, he’s been busy working, traveling, riding a horse, fishing, spear-fishing, attending the Masters, and even playing golf (tricky, but he did it)!

As the saying goes, “when push comes to shove” — it’s that extra something — drive, determination, positive attitude — that comes shining through. I guess it has to be in there before it can come shining through — but from a parent’s perspective, it warms your heart when you see it shining through in your child’s life!

Here is an excerpt from one of Chuck Swindoll’s letters:

Ready for a surprise? You blink twenty-five times every minute. Each blink takes one-fifth of a second. So if you take a ten-hour automobile trip, averaging forty miles per hour, you’ll drive thirty-three miles with your eyes closed!

I know a fact far more surprising. Thousands of people go through life with their eyes closed. They look, but they don’t see. They have sight but not insight. On journeys, they notice roads but miss the majestic scenery. In museums, they see paintings but overlook the genius in the brushstrokes. They observe surfaces but omit the underneath. Sure, vision is present, but perception? Absent.

Ready for another surprise? The same thing can happen when we read the Bible. Sometimes overexposure to God’s Word turns our many blinks into blindness. That’s what happened to the boatload of Jesus’s disciples after He calmed the stormy Sea of Galilee. Remember their response?

“They were utterly astonished, for they had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves.” (Mark 6:51–52)

What would have happened had they applied what they had observed earlier that day when Jesus miraculously fed the multitudes? Insight! They would have responded with faith. Remove insight and you reduce life to an anxious existence with frequent flashes of boredom or panic.

Life is full of lessons. If we live long enough, we have all sorts of opportunities to learn from our experiences and our mistakes. What good does it do to gain knowledge without applying what we’ve learned? Let’s not just settle for being anxious existers — let us all strive to become faithful appliers!

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3 Responses to Lessons.

  1. Gari B. Lugar says:

    Hoping you went and got a cake yesterday so you Momma could be enjoying your smiles from Heaven as you thought about her……….!!!!!

  2. ada says:

    love reading your posts!
    my dad died 5 years ago and would have been 90 today, miss him and his Godly wisdom, it’s like that with parents, we still want to run things by them, even at our age

  3. Linn Seidensticker says:

    Happy Birthday Roz on Aug.9th? I know your bday is sometime between Anne’s on the 8th and Tim’s on the 13th . We are having an engagement party down here for Anne and Bradley on Sept .1st, my Dad’s bday. I think of my parents often also. I appreciate all the work that they did for our wedding even more now that we are preparing for Anne’s. We are so blessed to have so many fond memories of our parents. Brad’s Mom turns 90 in october and doing fairly well for her age. Wow!
    I’m so glad to hear that Rob can walk on his prosthetics without pain. Praise the Lord. This past Sunday our pastor preached on Peter getting out of the boat to walk on water towards Jesus. He said courage is not the absence of fear but taking action to overcome our fears. It sounds like Rob has gotten out of the boat and living life to its fullest. His story is inspiring! Love- Linn

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