A day to relax.

Sunday.  A great day in New York today!  Rob and I started out this morning with our Swedish massage appointment at 11:15.  The students at the Swedish massage school gave massages to those of us at Hope Lodge who signed up.  It was quite nice!  Then Rob and I met up with our friends, Sarah and Duffy (quite the couple!), for lunch at BLT, a very cool hamburger place.  The afternoon has been spent just as Rob wanted:  watching various NFL games and tracking his Fantasy Football stats.  We have such a comfortable room here at Hope Lodge.  Thanks be to God!

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2 Responses to A day to relax.

  1. Merri says:

    Hi Honey! (DoDo used to always say that and it always cheered me up) I have no words of wisdom but I love ya’ll and pray for you daily. Keep the faith which I know you will and continue to count those blessings. Stay strong and take care of YOURSELF!! You don’t have to handle everything, that’s Gods job!
    Keep enjoying the yummy food, Merri

  2. janie redfearn morris says:

    Hi little sister. GREAT blog!!!!! So thankful that you all have been blessed with so many GOD miracles all along the way!!! Hang in there and always know you are in our prayers everyday! Love you. Janie

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