Monday.  Today Rob and I headed back to NYU Cancer Center for more blood work to check his levels — and wow!  The white count has rebounded very well — he’s now way up there!  Guess that neulasta injection worked well.  Then, Rob met with the radiation oncologist to get all the preliminary work done for beginning radiation therapy sometime next week.  He’ll start his second round of chemo next week, too, so it will be a double-whammy.  Prayer request — for the tumor to shrink, shrink, shrink!

Jim returned from Atlanta.  Rob and I met up with him at the empty apartment — we took possession of the keys today, so we can now get busy setting it up for living.  Mattresses (that we bought last week) will be delivered tomorrow.  We took a taxi to Costco this afternoon and bought necessary home-set-up items (dishwashing detergent, soap, towels, etc.)  There is no delivery from Costco like we had in Tokyo.  That was the best!  When we made the 1 1/2 hour, one way, trek to Costco in the Tokyo area (via subway, train, & taxi), we could request delivery of the items we had bought for the following day, usually.  I’m telling you, if you bought potato chips, for example, there was not ONE SINGLE CHIP broken upon delivery — they packaged everything SO amazingly well!!!  But, we’re not in Tokyo anymore, ToTo.

Tonight we celebrated Rob’s good blood levels by eating sushi — something that he couldn’t do for the past two weeks.  It was truly delicious!  :  )

Thanksgiving and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are in obvious preparation here.  Hope Lodge, where Rob and I are staying, is just a couple of blocks from Macy’s on 34th Street.

Well, once again, I thank the Lord for carrying us through today.  It felt good to be carried.

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2 Responses to Preparations.

  1. janie redfearn morris says:

    Hi sister. I am so glad that so far, so good with how Rob is responding to his treatments!!!! Wish we could be together somehow over the Thanksgiving holidays. Without Mama and Daddy, I just wish that we could all get together. STILL so thankful that you are exactly where you are. I bet you will see some great festivities there. Send pictures to us out here in the country! Eden flies in tonight from Texas and Cole got home yesterday from college. It’s still hard to believe that he will be commissioning December 11 and counting down!!!!! You all take care and love to all. Janie

  2. Peggy Redfern says:

    Hey cousin!
    Just got caught up on your blog. I enjoy reading both blogs and hearing about
    the incredible blessings that seem to surround y’all at every turn.

    My parents and I are heading up to Penny and Ernie’s for Thanksgiving. We’ll be thinking about all of you. Happy Thanksgiving in the Big Apple!

    With love, Peggy

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