Convenience and comfort.

Tuesday.  New mattresses on metal frames were delivered today from “Sleepy’s” — a mattress store on every corner in NYC.  A year and a half ago Lee Anne and I came to NYC while Jim had business here.  Over and over, we heard the Sleepy’s jingle on their TV commercials, and it was one of those jingles that stays in your mind 24/7.  We walked the streets of NY, singing about Sleeeepeeeezzzz!  So, today Jim and I spent much of the day getting the apartment ready for habitation.  Surprisingly, by walking just a few blocks from our apartment, we found Home Depot, Container Store, Chase Bank (on every corner, just like Sleepy’s), Duane Reade (great drug store, on every other corner), Williams Sonoma, & TJ Maxx!  I may have to rethink my stance about Plano being the most convenient place on earth to live!

Rob was able to sleep in and relax today.  But, enough of that — tonight we dragged him (well, that’s an exaggeration) to the theatre to see “Memphis.”  It was very entertaining!  Basically Rob is “free” until next Monday, when Round Two of chemo will get underway.  That will last around 9 days.  He’ll also start radiation therapy mid-week, next week, which will go on for 4-5 weeks.  I’m thinking that the further the treatments go, the less we’ll all be able to go places and do things.  Time will tell, of course.

There are several pressing prayer needs of which we are aware, needs involving our family, as well as friends and acquaintances.  As we pray for others, it serves as a reminder of what a great God we serve.  He relieves our burdens and carries our loads.  While there is no way to predict what tomorrow may bring, it will not help to wring my hands with worry.  Just as a child instinctively feels secure when he/she runs to a loving parent for comfort, what a feeling of peace in knowing that I can run to my heavenly Father who is all-powerful.  Matthew 19: 26 – Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Praying for one another is simply recognizing and relying on God’s power.  What a great gift to be able to pray!

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  1. Jane Brown says:

    I was so happy to receive your news about the blog (love the name and the picture on the heading). I have been reading Rob’s wonderful and entertaining daily blog. I feel like I am right there with you and yet it seems like a novel I am reading and not a personal journey of my dear friends! As I search for words to express my feelings and concern, it is hard, so I will make it simple. I have all of you plus the medical staff on several prayer lists at Custer Road Methodist and I am personally praying each day. As I read Rob’s and your blog, there is the common strong thread of an unbelievable faith in our heavenly Father. I know that the good Lord is working in your life by the way things have unfolded these past few weeks, it is truly a testimony! My prayer warriors will continue to lift you! We are here and will do anything you need. Please don’t hesitate to just let us know.
    Enjoy New York City during the holidays. I love the city when it is all decorated; it’s such a festive time. Hopefully Rob will continue to respond to the chemo and all the other treatments in the next few weeks. Just know that there are a lot of people who are praying for you and who love you very much! I feel like you have been on such a roller coaster this year. You are one strong “Plano Mom”! Love ya, Jane

  2. deb says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration!
    I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving.
    much love

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