I’m “just a mom from Plano” — sort of a joke around our house.  I’ve said it a couple of times when asked if I was an expert of some sort or other.  I would like to think that I’m accomplished in many ways, but in reality, I’m “just a mom” and I happen to live in Plano, TX.    :  )

This blog was started in conjunction with my son’s diagnosis with sarcoma/cancer.  My husband suggested that Rob start writing a blog to chronicle his journey with cancer & the treatment, etc.  It seemed that it might be a good way for me to keep my friends updated if I wrote a blog, also.  So — to whomever would care to read this, welcome!

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  1. Robley Shirey says:

    Thank you, Roslyn, for helping to keep us in the loop. Rob and all the family remain in our thoughts and prayers.
    Rejoice in hope,
    be patient in tribulation,
    be constant in prayer.
    Romans 12:12

  2. paula says:

    Dearest Ros, it’s so good to be able to read the details of your daily trials and blessings. It helps us all know how to pray for your family during your NYC/sarcoma journey. Keep it up, keep the faith and hopefully you can feel the prayers of lots of other plain ol’ Plano moms!

  3. Norma Dagley says:

    I am so glad you are doing this blog. Really keeps me in the loop. I had been reading Rob’s, but I SO enjoy getting your perspective. I continue to pray for all of you, but especially for you. I can’t decide if God gave you this situation to take your mind off your losses or to assure you that He is there in all things, or both!! You are exhibiting your usual grace in these circumstances. You always take care of your family!! Glad to hear that you took take of yourself with the eye problem. So interesting that you and Jim always talked about being in NY for his work, but God brought you to the city for something completely different!! I’ve decided that we are so foolins to make plans, because God always had His own agenda. And as Jenny says”When it comes to God, we are all on a ‘need to know’ basis”. Isn’t that good!?! Love you, my sweet friend.

  4. Linda Lowden Moses says:

    Found you!! My brother Jack said that his wife Amy mentioned seeing you at the SOPH luncheon at Homecoming. Though I would try to see if I could locate you- not prepared for what I found. So sorry for your trials.
    Henry and I live in Sumter, SC (where you came for the wedding). He’s a general surgeon here in town with a heart for women with breast cancer. He’s kinda the go-to guy in this area for that. We have three daughters- Whitney (30) who is a pediatric hospitalist in Greenville, SC married to Adam who is a 4th yr surgery resident, Caroline is 27 and a college biology professor married to Ryan who is a 4th yr orthopaedics resident in Jacksonville, and Helen who is 25 and a 4th yr med student (engaged). We have two little granddaughters (3 and almost 2)- each of the older girls
    has one.
    Would love to hear from you!! We are the same same as always!

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